Miley Cyrus comments on the problems in her private life

Miley Cyrus became a guest of the Scandinavian talk show Skavlan, where she told how she endured ordeals that have befallen her over the past couple of years. In 2018, a fire in Malibu burned down Miley’s house, last year she divorced Liam Hemsworth, and her grandmother died this summer.

“My feelings are constantly changing. Because the experience we get every second change our perception of life, ” said Cyrus. The host asked if she became more or less emotional with age.

Miley replied, “If you ask the dudes that I broke up with, they’ll say I’m getting less emotional. And it seems to be the opposite. I would say that women who live and move on are often considered cold. Over the past couple of years, I have experienced several upheavals. But I didn’t cry over it. Not because I’m cold or trying to avoid emotions, but because it wouldn’t change anything. I just tried to keep being active and doing what I could control. Otherwise, you just fall into a trap. “

Cyrus says her “tools” for coping don’t include crying. Instead, Miley tries to move forward.

“I heal on the move – traveling, meeting new people. When one person leaves your life, another comes, ” the singer said.

Cyrus remembered how Madonna called the coronavirus “the great equalizer,” and said she did not agree with this. “I think during this time, on the contrary, we saw more differences. We have seen how some things depend on race and wealth. I think this is absolutely wrong. Therefore, this year’s elections are very important. So the covid did not become a ‘great equalizer’, ” concluded the star.

Author: Sam Smith
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