Mike Tyson announced his readiness to fight in 2021

American boxer Mike Tyson has confirmed that he will continue to hold exhibition fights. This is reported by TalkSport, quoting the athlete’s live stream on Instagram.

Tyson, 54, said he was impressed with the willingness of other boxing veterans to compete. He noted that he would fight again in 2021 and stressed that “this time he will look better.”

In November, Tyson returned to the ring. His fight with another former world boxing champion Roy Jones ended in an unofficial draw. Both boxers refused to accept the results of the fight.

At the end of April, Tyson announced his desire to return to the professional ring for charity tournaments. The American has not fought since 2005. Following him, Tyson’s former rival Evander Holyfield expressed his willingness to fight again.

Jones held the middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight titles. The American retired in February 2018.

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