Mike Pompeo: the central security challenge in the Middle East is Iran

The US Secretary of State also expressed regret that Washington’s European allies did not withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the United States has managed to ensure security in the Middle East.

“We did two things that I think changed the situation and enabled Arab leaders to make the right decisions. First, we changed the existing scenario and recognized that the Central challenge in the Middle East was not the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, but the problem posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran and their anti – Semitic terrorist campaign around the world,” said Mike Pompeo. “Second, President Trump has also demonstrated that when we build a coalition, and we have partners, whether they are Emiratis, Bahrainis, or our long-time allies, the Israelis, the United States will act.”

Mike Pompeo noted that President Trump’s actions gave confidence to Arab leaders that the US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel “was the right thing to do.”

The Foreign Minister of the United States expressed regret that France, Germany, and the United Kingdom did not withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran, as Washington did.

“We are deeply disappointed by this. They have long maintained their policy on this dangerous nuclear deal. We think this now creates even more risk. I think many countries are aware of this risk. They are happy that the United States did what it did. They may not be able to admit it publicly. Still, even these European countries know that the world is safer and that their citizens are safer because Iran cannot buy and sell weapons,” said Mike Pompeo.