Microsoft supports Epic Games in legal battle against Apple

Microsoft in the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple sided with Epic Games and filed a lawsuit to defend its interests.

We will remind, Epic Games added to Fortnite the ability to pay for in-game purchases through its own payment system with a discount, bypassing the “official cash register”. As a result, the app was removed from the App Store and Google Play, and Epic Games sued Apple and Google.

But Apple went further and filed a retaliatory claim, and also threatens to block the developer’s account. The company offers only one way out of this situation – to return the version of Fortnite that complies with the payment policy and continue to pay a commission of up to 30%.

Epic Games says that all third-party developers using the Unreal Engine will suffer as a result. According to company representatives, many customers have already expressed concerns about this.

Companies using the Unreal Engine include Microsoft. At least one of her games uses the Unreal Engine – the racing simulator Forza Street. “If the Unreal Engine cannot support games, then MS will have to choose between abandoning its users on Apple platforms and looking for another engine,” the company says.

If your Epic Games account is blocked, app developers will not be able to complete projects normally, and existing games will no longer receive security updates, new features, and bug fixes. Moreover, users of Apple devices will be deprived of the opportunity to play online with users of other platforms.

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