Microsoft released an open-source cyber-attack simulator

Microsoft has released a cyber attack simulator CyberBattleSim. The company posted the source code of this project on GitHub.

The new tool will help other developers conduct security research, simulate network environments, and monitor their cybercriminal attacks’ resilience.

The environment created by the simulator consists of a network of nodes and is parameterized by fixed network topology. A set of pre-placed vulnerabilities allows you to demonstrate how an “attacker” will exploit them and move within the network.

Experts from Microsoft 365 Defender Research

CyberBattleSim is built on an open platform for training strong AI Open AI Gym. The simulator was developed by Microsoft 365 Defender Research to simulate the vectors for malicious code distribution within a network after an initial breach.

The developers stated that the tool reproduces an attacker’s lateral movement across the network, which can usually be observed after a hack. And in fact, he acts as a hacker: he tries to gain a foothold on various network nodes.

In the simulator, users can create computing environments to work out their vulnerabilities.

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