Microsoft PC Health Check now shows the reason for the incompatibility of a computer with Windows 11

Microsoft has released an updated version of its PC Health Check application, which has learned to pinpoint the reason for the incompatibility of a user’s computer with the new operating system Windows 11. This will make it easier for users to understand what exactly is missing to install the new Microsoft software platform on their computer.

Earlier this week, Microsoft hosted an online event that unveiled Windows 11. After that, there was some confusion about the hardware requirements that it plans to use with Windows 11. Although later Microsoft elaborated on the minimum system requirements for installing the OS and published list of supported processors, in some cases it is not easy for users to understand the reason for the incompatibility of the computer with the new OS.

The previous version of the PC Health Check application reported a computer’s compatibility or incompatibility with Windows 11, but did not provide any details. Now users will receive a little more information. According to reports, users who have already installed PC Health Check will be able to update the application to the latest version without having to uninstall the old version.

The source says that Microsoft continues to work on the PC Health Check application, thanks to which in future versions it will become more informative and will provide detailed information regarding the compatibility of the user’s PC with Windows 11.

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