Microsoft made a refrigerator in the form of Xbox Series X and gave it to Snoop Dogg

Microsoft has added exciting marketing campaigns with the Xbox Series X refrigerator.

The story began with the presentation of the console. Gamers are simple people: they see the design of the new Xbox – they joke about the design of the new Xbox. If the Xbox One was compared to the “video” from the 80s, then the Xbox Series X reminded the players of the refrigerator. As a result, Twitter, Reddit, and other social platforms have flooded memes about the design of the new console.

Microsoft turned out to be not one of the touchy ten, and decided to take the joke to a new level by releasing a refrigerator in the form of the Xbox Series X, giving the miracle of technology iJustine and the rapper Snoop Dog.

The refrigerator itself comes in a room-sized box in the style of the Xbox Series X retail packaging and follows the design of the console. There is also a green LED inside to illuminate the refrigerator, and a speaker that plays the console’s startup sound when the door is opened.

“You understand that we had to do it. Check out the unboxing of the fastest, most powerful refrigerator ever! ”Wrote Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg.

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