Microsoft closes Minecraft Earth two years later

An augmented reality game set in the Minecraft universe. So, the project is still in Early Access and will close in the summer of 2021.

Minecraft Earth never really came out. Mojang launched the game in many countries, but gamers never got a full release. The game’s official Twitter account announced that as early as June 30, 2021, the developers will shut down the Minecraft Earth servers. Upon entering the game, users will see a message that the project is closed and will no longer be able to play.

The reason for this radical decision was the “current global situation”. The pandemic has forced many to stay at home, while playing Minecraft Earth you still need to walk the streets.

“Minecraft Earth was designed for free movement and co-op play – two things that have become nearly impossible in the current global environment. Therefore, we made the difficult decision to reallocate our resources to other areas that are of value to the Minecraft community, and end support for Minecraft Earth in June 2021, ”the developers wrote.

Until summer, Minecraft Earth will continue to live and will delight gamers with the last season. The update released on January 5 launched a new event that will last five months. The developers also added new items for character customization, reduced crafting and smelting times, and added new critters.

In addition, Mojang has disabled microtransactions and reduced the cost of rubies. If you have already managed to accumulate costumes for yourself, they will remain on your account and will be available in Minecraft (Bedrock). In addition, players who bought rubies will receive a code to download mobile Minecraft. Unspent rubies will automatically turn into Minecoins and will be available in the Minecraft (Bedrock) Marketplace.

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