Mickey Rourke calls Robert De Niro ‘You Big F**ing Crybaby’

Mickey Rourke has conflicted with Robert De Niro for three decades now, and there is no end to this feud. The relationship between the actors flared up again in September 2019, when Rourke announced that Martin Scorsese had invited him to star in his epic ‘Irishman’, but De Niro did his best to prevent this from happening. Later, De Niro denied the claim, referring to the producers and casting director of the ‘Irishman’, who allegedly never discussed the option with the invitation of Rourke. Now, 67-year-old Rourke posted the following message on his Instagram page:

Recall that the feud between Rourke and De Niro began in 1987 during their joint work on the thriller ‘Angel Heart’. According to Rourke, before the face-to-face meeting, he respected his counterpart very much, but during the filming, he behaved inappropriately.