Michigan and Pennsylvania move closer to approving election results

Meanwhile, Biden is busy forming a Cabinet.

President Donald Trump is awaiting decisions on election results in two key states, while President-elect Joe Biden is busy forming his future Cabinet.

The state of Michigan is preparing to approve the election results on Monday, and Pennsylvania is also taking another step in this direction. Trump lost in both states but disputed the results.

If both states officially declare Biden the winner, bringing him a total of 36 electoral votes, then trump’s re-election hopes will collapse.

It is unclear whether Michigan will be able to organize the process by the requirements of state law. The Commission responsible for counting votes, where Democrats and Republicans hold an equal number of seats, will hold a meeting on Monday to decide whether to approve the election results.

In Michigan, Biden beat Trump by more than 150,000 votes, and the law requires the Commission to approve the result.

However, a Republican member of the Commission, Norman Shinkle, made it clear in recent interviews that he favors delaying this decision due to technical violations. In one of the state’s districts, violations were recorded that could affect several hundred votes, and the Trump staff is convinced that this indicates large-scale fraud.

The issue will likely be referred to the courts of appeal to force the Commission to perform its functions. If the Commission refuses, then the state Governor, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, can do it for them.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, there is a Monday deadline for districts to hand over the vote count data to the state’s Secretary of State, Democrat Kathy Boockvar. In this case, it will announce the official results within a few days. In Pennsylvania, Biden is in the lead by a margin of over 80,000 votes.

On Tuesday, Biden is expected to announce the first appointments to his future Cabinet.

On Sunday, the transition team announced that he intends to appoint his longtime ally Anthony Blinken as Secretary of State. The likely candidate for the post of national security adviser is called Jake Sullivan. The media also reported that Biden plans to appoint an experienced diplomat, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, as a permanent UN representative.

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