Michelle Pfeiffer celebrated her 27th wedding anniversary with her husband

Michelle Pfeiffer posted on her Instagram profile an archived joint photo with her husband, screenwriter David Kelly, in which they were captured in their youth, and selfies, where they pose in real-time. The actress thus congratulated her husband on the anniversary of their life together: Michelle and David have been together for almost three decades.

“My one and only, for 27 years now. Happy anniversary, my love! “ – wrote Pfeiffer on her personal blog.

Recall that the actress and the former hockey player, who had a legal practice, was introduced to friends in 1993. At this time, Pfeiffer was engaged in the process of adopting a newborn girl, Claudia Rose. According to her, the future husband fell in love first with the baby, and then with her.

The lovers did not delay their marriage and were sent invitations to Claudia’s christening along with invitations to their wedding. Today, the adopted daughter of the star is as old as marriage, and their common son, John Henry, is 26 years old.

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