Michelle Obama talks about depression over Trump and racism

Former US First Lady Michelle Obama admitted that she suffers from depression, which she has in a mild form. According to her, this condition is associated with the pandemic, racist violence in the United States, and the hypocrisy of the Trump administration.

Barack Obama’s wife spoke about the problems with sleep and the difficulties with maintaining the usual physical activity.

“I wake up in the middle of the night because of anxiety or because of a feeling of heaviness,” says Michelle Obama in the new episode of her podcast.

“I know that I have mild depression. Not only because of the quarantine but also because of the racial conflict, it is very painful to observe the hypocrisy of the [Trump] administration day after day, ”admits Michelle Obama.

According to her, it is unbearable to start every day with the news about the inhuman treatment of African Americans, that one of the African Americans in the United States has been wounded, killed, unjustly accused of something.

The key to getting out of depression, according to Michelle Obama, is maintaining a stable daily routine. Following a specific schedule, says Michelle Obama, becomes even more important during a pandemic and quarantine.

In addition, according to the former first lady of the United States, to cope with “emotional ups and downs,” you need to “know yourself” and understand what brings you joy.

Author: Sam Smith
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