Michelle and Barack Obama topped the ranking of the most respected people in the US in 2018

According to a survey conducted by the Gallup Institute, in 2018, the most respected woman in the United States was the former first lady Michelle Obama. Behind the men, this rating has been headed by her husband Barack Obama for 11 years.

Michelle and Barack Obama

Since 1946, the Institute of public opinion has been conducting an annual survey among Americans living around the world to find out which of the men and women they respect the most. In 2018, 15% of respondents named Michelle Obama, who made a tour of America with his autobiography “Becoming” – the bestseller of the year. Thus, for the first time in 17 years at the top of the list was not Hillary Clinton.
Ex-presidential candidate and the former first lady took the 3-th position, received 4% of the vote. According to the Institute, during the existence of the survey Clinton appeared in the top ten 27 times, with 22 times headed by it — more than any other person — both a man and a woman. This year, in addition to Obama, Oprah Winfrey with 5% overtook her.

The fourth position among the most respected women Americans took the current first lady Melania Trump.
Here’s what the top ten most respected women in the US:

1.Michelle Obama — 15%.
2.Oprah Winfrey, 5%.
3.Hillary Clinton-4%.
4. Melania Trump-4%.
5.Queen Elizabeth-2%.
6.Angela Merkel-2%.
7.Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 2%.
8. Ellen DeGeneres, 2%.
9. Nikki Haley, 1%.
10.Malala Yusufzai-1%.
11. Nancy Pelosi-1%.

As for the most respected man, the 11th year in a row it becomes the 44th us President Barack Obama. It is followed by the current leader of the country Donald Trump.

Here is the top ten most respected Americans of men:

1.Barack Obama-19%.
2. Donald Trump — 13%.
3. George Bush-2%.
4. Pope Francis-2%.
5. Bill Gates-1%.
6.Sanders Bernini, 1%.
7.Bill Clinton-1%.
8.Steppe-Lama XIV-1%.
9.Joe Biden, 1%.
10.Elon Musk-1%.
11.Mike Pence, 1%.

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