Michael Morell and Avril Haines may take key intelligence positions under Biden

They worked in the intelligence services during the Obama administration.

Two former senior US intelligence officials-Michael Morell and Avril Haines-have emerged as top contenders for the positions of National intelligence and CIA heads in President-elect Joe Biden’s administration, several current and former intelligence officials said.

Morell served as Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency in the Obama administration from 2010 to 2013 and served twice as head of the Agency.

Haines was Deputy Director of the CIA and Deputy national security adviser to President Barack Obama.

Haines declined to comment, and Morell could not be reached for comment. A spokesman for Biden’s transition team declined to comment.

Some Democrats had expressed doubts about Morell’s candidacy because he served in the CIA when the Agency used so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques” against suspected Islamist militants. According to the results of the investigation in the Senate Intelligence Committee, such methods were equated to torture.

Haines joined the CIA after President Barack Obama banned such interrogation techniques in 2009. She was involved in preparing the CIA’s response to the Senate investigation.

Other possible candidates for the post of Director of national intelligence include Michael Leiter, who was previously an employee of this Agency and headed the national counterterrorism center and former Republican Congressman Mike Rogers, who headed the House Intelligence Committee.

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