Michael Jackson’s brother responded to rumors about Mariah Carey’s terrible personality

Music producer Randy Jackson, brother of pop king Michael Jackson, has commented on singer Mariah Carey’s star illness rumours. The Grammy winner was asked about this on Rosanna Scotto’s Good Day New York show.

Scotto, communicating with Jackson via video link, noted that Carey is often said to be “a bit of a diva.” It is no coincidence that the host asked the composer about the character of the star. Jackson worked closely with Carey, not only as a musician but also as a manager.

“I work with many artists and stars and can say that anyone who has achieved success, be it a man or a woman, must have a little diva inside,” the producer joked.

He noted that “little quirks” are all great stars like Michael Jackson, David Bowie, and others. As for Mariah Carey, she, indeed, can sometimes be “a little nervous”, as Randy Jackson admitted. However, this is offset by a million other talents of the singer.

“She’s smart and creative. She is truly purposeful and hardworking, ” said the musician.

Mariah Carey is actually known for her complex character. However, the star’s eccentric actions are largely due to her mental problems. Several years ago, the performer admitted that she lived with a bipolar personality disorder, refusing to admit this diagnosis and receive appropriate treatment. Due to the disease, she often had nervous breakdowns. However, according to the artist, she feared that the news of mental problems would ruin her career, so she hid it for many years.

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