Michael J. Fox suffers from memory problems due to Parkinson’s disease

In 1998, Back to the Future star Michael J. Fox publicly announced that he was fighting Parkinson’s. He returned to this topic again, 22 years later, telling People magazine about the complicated course of the disease and how it made his life difficult.

Despite the diagnosis, Fox continued to act, guest-starring on The Good Wife from 2010 to 2016. But, as it turned out, all this time he was struggling not only with tremors of the limbs but also with the problems of memorizing words. This was reflected in his work.

“I have always memorized the text very well. But I had a few extreme situations with the last two works with large text, ” admitted Michael.

The artist is now practicing using tongue twisters to improve speech reproduction and diction.

Two years ago, Fox was diagnosed with another disease – a benign tumor on the spine. She grew rapidly and caused terrible pain throughout her body. After a successful operation, Fox began a four-month rehabilitation process, during which he had to learn to walk again. The actor, who will turn 60 next year, noted that only optimism and family support helped him not to lose his fortitude.