Michael Douglas told how his romance with Catherine Zeta-Jones began

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. In honour of this, Douglas recorded a story about how he met his lover and posted it on Instagram.

“I was at a screening in Hollywood, at someone’s house, we watched Zorro. And throughout the whole film, I thought: “Wow, who is this girl? She’s gorgeous”. A month later, the Deauville Film Festival was to take place. I checked the schedule, and it turned out that they will be showing Zorro! “ – says Douglas in the entry. The actor immediately asked his assistant to find out if Zeta-Jones was planning to attend the event and if she would like to have a drink with him.

“The answer came: ‘Yes, Miss Zeta-Jones will be there, but only one night. But she doesn’t mind meeting you and having a drink. ” The next day, I went to the festival with Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith. And we met with her. I never hoped for more. But then she invited me to dinner together. Sounds very good, I thought, Michael continued. After dinner, he and Catherine met again. Everything went well, but then, according to Douglas, he made a mistake.

“Once I looked at her and said: ‘I will become the father of your children.’ And she answered: “I’ve heard a lot about you. Apparently, all this is true. Goodnight”. And she left. And in the morning she left the festival. I thought I ruined everything. But, fortunately, later we made contact. And what happened next is a completely different story, ” Douglas finished his story.

Katherine and Michael have two children: 17-year-old Caris and 20-year-old Dylan. Spouses often remind that they were born on the same day, September 25, and believe that their relationship is destiny. However, in 2013, the couple were on the verge of divorce, as far as is known due to Zeta-Jones bipolar disorder. However, the actors and this time restored relations.

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