Mia Farrow again accused Woody Allen of molesting her daughters

The relationship within the family of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow was not the easiest. Before meeting with the director, the actress already had six children: three of her own and three adopted. In a new episode of the documentary, Allen v. Farrow Farrow spoke about her relationship with her adopted daughter Sun-Yi Previn, who later became Allen’s wife.

The actress said that she adopted Sun-Yi at a later age than other children, so it was not easy for her to establish contact with the girl. She said that she had to work hard to get closer to her daughter. It was during this time, according to Farrow, that he and Allen began to experience problems in their relationship.

Farrow admitted that she encouraged Allen’s desire to build a good relationship with her adopted daughter Sun-Yi Previn.

He took the kids to the shops and bought them planes and other toys. He started taking them to basketball games. He took Sun-Yi with him, and I encouraged her because she was timid, Mia said.

In the film, Mia Farrow claims that Allen’s relationship with his adopted daughter began when Sun-Yi was still in high school. However, Allen assures that his affair with a girlfriend began after graduating from the first semester of college in December 1991 (she was then 18 years old).

I love her so much and have never judged her because she was a very young child when he came into the family. She was a little girl. We were a family, he was in my house as my partner, and he had responsibilities, says Farrow.

In the documentary, Dylan also details her sexual assault allegations against the director, describing an incident in their home’s attic. She says Allen molested her when she was a child.

It’s tough to believe that someone you respect and love very much could be capable of something so terrible about a child, Mia says.

In 1997, Allen married Sun-Yi Previn. The 85-year-old director and his 47-year-old wife are raising two daughters.

Through their representative, the spouses said that the film had nothing to do with the truth.

These documentary filmmakers were not interested in the truth. Instead, they spent years secretly collaborating with the Farrow family and their assistants to create a clumsy job riddled with lies, their spokesman said.

Allen denied the accusations against him, saying that Mia Farrow exerted psychological pressure on her daughter Dylan. The actor was sided with his adopted son Moses, who accused his mother of emotional and physical cruelty. But the native son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, Ronan, supports his mother and his sister.

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