Mexico’s President refuses to wear a mask until he defeats corruption

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has promised that he will start wearing a mask when he defeats corruption in the country, according to his statements to reporters.

Earlier, he said that he would not wear a mask, because its use in protecting against viruses is not scientifically proven. Lopez Obrador does appear during public events and daily press conferences without a mask, but at the same time try to maintain a social distance. According to him, he agrees to wear a mask only where the rules require it, for example, on planes.

Earlier, the newspaper El Universal reported that deputies from the Mexican national action Party (Partido Acción Nacional) intend to go to court to oblige the President to wear a mask against the background of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I will put on a mask when there is no more corruption. Let’s agree on this,” Lopez Obrador told reporters. The press conference was broadcast on the President’s Twitter account.

In Mexico, as of July 30, 416,179 cases of coronavirus were confirmed, and 46,000 people died from the disease.