Mexican authorities deported 98 migrants for trying to break into the United States

Mexican authorities expelled 98 illegal migrants from Central America, who participated in the attempt to break into the United States on Sunday. This was announced on Monday in an interview with radio Formula the head of the National Institute of migration (NIM) Gerardo Benavente.

“They have already left, we have deportation mechanisms… to force those foreigners who violate the provisions of the law to leave the national territory, as in this case,” Benavente said. We are talking about those who resorted to violence and participated in the riots near the border with the United States.
According to the Mexican authorities, a total of 500 people tried to enter the territory of the neighboring country in the area of Tijuana. The interior

Minister of Mexico Alfonso Navarrete Prida on Sunday promised that the authorities will deport those who resorted to violence, seeking to illegally cross the border.

According to official data, in the areas of the cities of Mexicali and Tijuana in the Mexican state of Baja California North are a little more than 7.41 thousand participants of the caravan of migrants from Central America. Dissatisfied with the mass arrival of migrants residents of Tijuana November 18 held a mass protest against their presence in the city.

Author: Flyn Braun
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