Messi’s double takes Barça to third place in LaLiga Championship

On the first day of the new year, Messi’s name was in the most popular sports news headlines. For this, Leo did not even need to enter the field on January 1; he got the opportunity to negotiate with other clubs officially. And now not a day goes by that the endless series does not receive a continuation.

In Bilbao, where Barça conceded already in the 3rd minute, Pedri and Messi became the main creators of the blue garnet’s victory.
The guests’ second goal is a work of art. Leo gave the pass to the penalty area and jerked behind his partner, who made a perfect pause and performed a truly ingenious heel pass. Athletic goalkeeper Unai Simon was won back, as if in hockey, completely opening the near corner, impossible to miss. And there was already a very similar goal this season!

Before that, Pedri also levelled the score, scoring an odd goal with his head when de Jong pulled out a seemingly hopeless ball near the field line and returned it to the goal area. As a result, the game, which had begun unsuccessfully for the Catalans, turned upside down and was already under Ronald Koeman’s scenario. Yes, in the end, Messi cut off his team, and this mistake turned into a goal for Muniain, only by that time, the outcome of the meeting was no longer in doubt.

Before that, Leo scored from Griezmann’s pass and made the first double for Barcelona players at the rebuilt San Mamés stadium. In Bilbao’s old arena, the last time the Catalans succeeded in this way back in April 2002, when another Argentine, Javier Saviola, distinguished himself. If not for the bar, Messi would have had a hat-trick and a sole lead in the list of the best snipers in the league. But even without that, 2021 started almost perfectly for the captain of the blue garnet. Only he and Cristiano Ronaldo have scored in the Big Five championships every year for seventeen years, and in the Barça table is already the third.

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