Messi was accused of “the greatest betrayal in the history of football”

Spanish journalist Edu Aguirre on the TV show El Chiringuito de Jugones accused Barcelona forward Lionel Messi of treachery.

Aguirre criticized the Argentine, noting that the club has created all the conditions for Messi, and the fans of “Barcelona” do not deserve such an act from the leader of attacks.

“It is not necessary to say that Messi is tired. Tired of what? From a good salary? From the fact that the club was held hostage because of its financial appetites? From the fact that he is constantly consulted and brought coaches that he wants himself? Messi is committing the greatest betrayal in the history of football,” Marca quoted the journalist as saying.

He also noted that because of the departure of the Argentine, everyone would lose: football, the club, and Spain.

For several weeks, football fans around the world have been following the events unfolding in Barcelona. Club icon Lionel Messi has said he is not going to continue his career at the Catalan club.
The leading contender for the Argentine star is Manchester City. The media also reported that the English grandee has already agreed on a contract with the striker.

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