Merkel refused May in new negotiations on “Brexit”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel refused the offer of British Prime Minister Theresa may to hold new negotiations on the agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU (“Brexit”). “We said that further revision of the Treaty will not be”, — quotes the words of the Chancellor of the Agency DPA, citing not named the participants of the meeting of the parliamentary faction of the CDU, which took place on Tuesday, December 11, after a meeting between Merkel and May in Berlin.

At the same time, the head of the German government expressed confidence in the possibility of reaching an agreement and avoiding unregulated “Brexit”. According to her, the British deputies, who opposed the signing of the agreement with the European Union in its current version, also do not want their country to leave the EU without a corresponding agreement, because they consider this option the most unfavorable.
The EU is ready to discuss additional safeguards
According to Reuters, at a meeting of its faction Merkel stressed that the EU is ready to discuss with London the additional “guarantees”. We are talking about the fact that the UK after 2021 because of the unresolved issue of the border with Ireland was not automatically part of the customs Union with the EU, the Agency writes, referring to several participants in the meeting.
The main controversial point, according to Merkel, remain guarantees for the so — called “backstop” regime-special conditions on the border between the EU country Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK.
Some members of the May’s Conservative part fear that the time-limited rules on the “back stop” regime will become permanent and will prevent, in particular, the conclusion of new free trade agreements by London. They insist on limiting these rules in time. The EU rejects these claims, stating that the guarantees cannot be temporary.
May postponed the vote in Parliament
On the eve May announced the postponement of indefinitely scheduled for December 11 vote in the British house of Commons on the agreement on “Brexit”. She acknowledged that she would have lost the vote “with a significant lag” and expressed her intention to invite Brussels to hold additional negotiations on the adjustment of the agreement. According to Theresa May, she will present to colleagues from the EU “clear concerns” the deputies of the Lower house of the British Parliament and will require “further guarantees”. For “Brexit” to be successful, a compromise of all parties is necessary, the British Prime Minister stressed.
In turn, the European Commission ruled out the possibility of further negotiations. “Our position has not changed,” – said the official representative of the Department. According to the Chairman of the Brussels Department Jean-Claude Juncker, the agreement reached is “the best possible”. After May’s decision, Brussels announced the convening of an emergency EU summit on December 13.
The UK plans to withdraw from the EU on March 29,2019.

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