Merkel made a new statement on the “Nord stream-2”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the decision on the “Nord stream-2” in connection with the situation around Alexei Navalny has not yet been made, Germany will act as a member of the EU, Free News reported.

“The final decision has not been made,” Merkel said at a closed-door meeting of the CDU/CSU faction in the German Bundestag.

According to her, “it is certainly proved that Navalny was poisoned.” Merkel pointed to the need for a pan-European reaction to the situation with the Russian blogger. She also noted that Germany should act “as an EU member state.”

Earlier, the German Chancellor said that it is not necessary to mix the Navalny case and the construction of the Russian gas pipeline.

“Nord stream-2” is a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany under the Baltic sea. At the end of last year, US President Donald Trump signed the US military budget for the current year, which includes the introduction of sanctions against companies involved in the construction of the gas pipeline.

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