Merkel in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic went without a mask to the supermarket for wine and toilet paper

German Chancellor Angela Merkel went to the local supermarket Hit Ullrich in Berlin without a respirator during the Covid-19 coronavirus rampage. She paid at the checkout with a credit card.

The Chancellor can often be found in this supermarket.

Merkel was dressed in her usual blue pantsuit. In addition, in the politician’s grocery basket, in addition to toilet paper, there were four bottles of Ricossa wine.

Merkel in the midst of the coronavirus

“It is almost impossible to maintain the recommended distance of two meters in this place,” the journalists claim.

Recall that German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her address to the nation called on people to take seriously measures to combat the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus infection. The main message of Merkel’s address to the nation – ” do not behave carelessly, do not contribute to the spread of the virus, you need to buy time to create a vaccine.”