Mercedes talked about the multimedia system of the new S-class

The world premiere of the new generation of the Mercedes S-Class sedan will be held in September, and until then the Germans will diligently prepare the public for a landmark debut. In fact, the car will be declassified in stages – the company will tell about many features of the new S-class in advance, after conducting a series of separate presentations.

Each of them will be devoted to various technologies, innovations, and advanced electronics, which the S-class of the W223 series are “stuffed” to the eyeballs. They decided to start acquaintance with the next-generation luxury sedan in Mercedes with the second-generation MBUX multimedia system, which, in fact, will debut in the new S-class. The developers themselves are talking about unprecedented “artificial intelligence”, thanks to which MBUX will be able to self-learn and perform not only standard voice commands but also better recognize natural speech (the system, according to Mercedes, can understand up to 27 languages) – riders can almost freely “Talk” with the car.

With the help of a voice, you can set the desired temperature (simply by saying: “I’m cold” or “It’s hot in the cabin”) and the air distribution of the air conditioning system, change the seat position adjustments, massage intensity, etc. And this applies not only to the driver but also to passengers sitting behind, who can have two or three touchscreens at once (including a removable tablet in the central armrest available as a paid option).

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The virtual dashboard in the S-class is with a 3D effect, and a three-dimensional image is formed without the use of special glasses. For a fee, a new projection display with augmented reality is available (the driver perceives the image as if “hanging” 10 meters from the car). Perhaps the main “trick” of the S-class will be a large (12.8-inch) portrait-oriented central screen (available at an additional cost with organic LEDs), thanks to which there are practically no more traditional buttons and switches in the cabin. Immediately below it is a separate touch panel, which displays climate control.

Also, MBUX is now able to better understand the movements and gestures of riders – for example, in search of some little things, the system will automatically turn on the backlight, and to open the sunroof, just raise your hand.

At the end of this month, an episode should be released on the security systems of the new S-Class, and in August the Germans will release a presentation with a story about the features of equipping the interior of a luxury sedan.