Mercedes released the first tv-series about Crash Test Dummies

In the comedy series, dummies Fred and Tommy test Mercedes-Benz’s security systems on themselves.  The first episode, entitled Happy Day, is dedicated to testing the brake system.

“This is your lucky day, have fun!” – the crash test operator says. “What is this idiot talking about?” – asks Fred. “Today there will be no accidents. We are testing new brakes, ”replies the cheerful Tommy.

“Brakes? I have never used it in my life. For heaven’s sake, I’m a crash test dummy. I love accidents, ”the experienced mannequin resents. “Don’t be angry, Fred, enjoy,” his colleague reassures.

The car pulls away and stops abruptly. “This is the worst day of my life,” Fred concludes, to which Tommy replies, “Cheer up. Next time we’ll check the seat heating. ”