Melania Trump showed how to decorate the White House for Christmas 2019

The US President’s wife posted a video on social networks as she adds the finishing touches to the decoration of the White House for Christmas.

Melania Trump called the Christmas decorations of the US President’s residence this year “very Patriotic.” The video appeared on the first lady’s Twitter page. In the video, Melania Trump walks around the halls of the White House with a final inspection: the first lady will fix a flower, and then sprinkle artificial snow on a sprig of spruce. It also shows garlands and various decorations, such as in the shape of the American flag.

Melania Trump, first lady of the United States: “I am very happy to share this beautiful exposition of patriotism that everyone will be able to see. The spirit of America shines in the White House.”

The White House traditionally organizes a series of receptions and events on the eve of Christmas.

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