Melania Trump honored with Christian College award

At the ceremony, the first lady spoke about her “Be Best” program and the Trump administration’s struggle with the opioid crisis.

First lady Melania Trump spoke about her “Be Best” program and the Donald Trump administration’s struggle with the opioid crisis while accepting an award from a Christian College in Florida.

Speaking at a “Women of Distinction” Breakfast with 550 guests at Atlantic University in Palm Beach, the first lady spoke about her initiative to combat online bullying and drug abuse. This initiative, according to the President’s wife, “sheds light on programs across the country and abroad that help our youth understand what it means to be the best.”

“Being the best can mean doing a simple good deed, caring for someone who needs it, or conducting a vital lesson,” Ms. Trump said, speaking about her program, launched two years ago. “I hope that by asserting the principles of the “Be Best” program, we will talk about the anxieties and problems of our children and help them overcome the challenges they face,” the first lady said.

According to her, last year in the United States for the first time in the last three decades, a decrease in opioid deaths was recorded, and that this is the result of programs initiated by her husband, President Trump.

“Opioids have affected the lives of more than 2 million children in the United States,” Melania Trump said, also stressing that it is, in particular, the children of drug addicts. – I have seen how opioid abuse affects families who struggle with drug addiction. I have been to children’s hospitals and other medical institutions that assist victims of opioids.”

William Fleming, President of Atlantic University, said that the staff and students of this institution are grateful to the first lady of the United States for her charitable work and that her example is worthy of imitation.

Atlantic University is located about 3 miles (5 kilometers) North of trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort and personal residence. The annual “Women of Distinction”competition, organized by the University, honors those “who value society and family and want to preserve these ideals for others.”

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