Melania Trump decorated the White house for Christmas with red trees

First lady Melania Trump again surprised everyone with the choice of Christmas decorations for the White house. Last year, the scenery was compared to Halloween and horror movies. Looks like Melania is not confused and she decided to continue in the same spirit.
The theme of this year’s Christmas decorations is “Treasures of America“. The main Christmas tree of the White house looks quite traditional and is decorated with a velvet ribbon on which the names of all States of the USA are embroidered with gold.

But everyone’s attention was drawn to the red spruce, which in social networks have dubbed ” blood trees of death.” Obviously, the red color is not chosen by chance. He is inspired by the stripes on the great seal of the United States, which symbolize courage and bravery.

The network is already joking about it and call such scenery sinister

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