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Melania Trump becomes a blogger

While 74-year-old Donald Trump is preparing for the upcoming presidential elections, his 50-year-old wife Melania is mastering a new profession – the first lady of the United States is trying herself as a blogger. On the official website of the white house, she published a short essay in which she raised the topic of pettiness.

She does not give specific names in her publication, but it is obvious that it is about her former friend and adviser Stephanie Winston Volkoff, who recently published the book “Melania and Me” about her work with the first lady. Stephanie also released tapes of her conversations with her former boss, who was rather harsh about being criticized for her husband’s immigration policies.

Her “memoirs” included accusing me of her poor health due to an accident she had experienced many years ago. At the same time, she never looked inside herself and did not pay attention to her own dishonest behavior. Such people only care about their own personal interests, not thinking about helping others, writes Melania.

This is not Melania’s first post as a blogger. She wrote an essay last week on her experience with coronavirus treatment. She named “a balanced diet, fresh air and vitamins,” and “compassion and humility” as the keys to her recovery.

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