Mel Gibson was hospitalized with a coronavirus

A representative of the actor told about what he was treated with.

Famous Hollywood actor Mel Gibson was hospitalized in April with a confirmed COVID-19. A few months after the incident, a representative of the celebrity spoke frankly about the situation on NBC.

According to him, in the spring of 2020, Gibson suddenly felt worse and, against the background of an escalating situation with the coronavirus, decided to take a test. The result was positive. Doctors decided to urgently hospitalize the 64-year-old actor because he was in the leading risk group. Mel spent about seven days in the hospital.

“He was treated with the drug “Remdesivir,” and since then, tests have repeatedly given a negative result, but positive for antibodies,” explained the representative of the Hollywood star.

Soon, the New York Times published information that Gibson was treated and examined in Los Angeles, California. The actor’s current condition was not reported. At the same time, the reason why Mel himself refused to talk about what happened remains a mystery.