Meghan Markle’s father made a statement about his newborn granddaughter

Thomas Markle has not spoken to his famous daughter since her wedding to Prince Harry. There was a conflict between Thomas and Megan because the man sold his photos to journalists in a suit for the celebration. Despite the quarrel, the father dearly loves his heiress. When it became known that Meghan Markle safely gave birth to a daughter, her parent commented on the situation.

Thomas is very happy that his daughter and granddaughter successfully survived the birth. Through the publication of The Sun, the man sent his love to the Duchess and wished her success. 76-year-old Markle is undoubtedly upset by the fact that his own daughter does not communicate with him. Thomas still hasn’t had the chance to meet his eldest grandson, Archie, who is two years old. Therefore, the man has every reason to believe that he wouldn’t see Lilibet Diana for a long time either if he ever gets the chance. However, whether the baby will meet with her royal relatives and when it will be, is also unknown.

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2 thoughts on “Meghan Markle’s father made a statement about his newborn granddaughter”

  1. Right, he sells anything to the press between he and his daughter so why would she wanted hum to meet her children? So he could snap a bunch of photos and sell them a well. Like the letter she wrote. It isn’t about Meghan, Harry or their children. At is all about money for her father and her half siblings that she was never close to.


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