Meghan Markle’s family disowned her

The fact that the Duchess of Sussex may again meet with relatives was spoken in the press right after the birth of her daughter.

Meghan Markle’s family will never again let the American actress on the doorstep. Such a categorical statement was voiced in a conversation with reporters by a source close to the family of the Duchess of Sussex. Quite a long time ago, Megan publicly quarreled with her father, accusing the latter of betrayal. Later, several other close people disowned Markle because of the scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Now the actress is forced to single-handedly (except perhaps for numerous nannies and Prince Harry) to raise two children. At some point, the press started talking about a possible reconciliation of the parties – allegedly Lilibet would become a good reason for a meeting and discussion. However, there is no talk of any meeting, because the Markle family flatly refuses to contact her under any pretext.

“We clearly belong to different social strata and will hardly ever talk. This date will never take place. And further. You do not have to be someone who you are not, or belong to a certain class, to be accepted and loved,” – quotes the words of an anonymous source in the Daily Mail.

In the family, as the insider said, they believe that Megan is to blame for this cold war, because the actress herself broke off any relationship with her relatives. Markle’s relatives do not want to impose on her, so they just stepped aside.

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