Meghan Markle makes her first speech after leaving the Royal Family

Meghan Markle took part in the Girl Up Leadership online summit and for the first time after Megxit made an official speech, deciding to talk about youth empowerment and the fight against inequality. The event, organized by the UN, was created to support organizations dealing with the problems of teenage girls.

‘Your generation is often called digital natives, but you need to understand that the online world can both support and harm. We must not act in the name of destruction – we need to support each other. Use your voice online and offline to do just that. Negative statements will always be heard. Sometimes these voices seem too loud. Use your voices to drown out their noise. Because the way it is – it’s just noise, and your voices are the voices of truth and hope. They gotta get louder.’ – said Megan.

Megan dedicated her speech to women’s activism aimed at gender inequality, racism, climate change, and other pressing topics of our time.