Meghan Markle is secretly planning a high-profile return to London

The Duchess of Sussex can’t accept that Kate Middleton and Prince William are back in the spotlight.

Prince Harry is preparing for another return to London, but this time not for such a tragic occasion. In April, the Duke of Sussex returned home for the funeral of Prince Philip, and in early July, he is waiting for the grand opening of the monument to Princess Diana. Harry’s visit has not yet been confirmed, but insiders close to the royal family say he will not want to miss the event.

Recently, informants of British tabloids shared new intriguing information: Meghan Markle wants to support her husband during the unveiling of the statue, and for this, she is ready to take a break from maternity leave. The Duchess gave birth to a daughter a few weeks ago, who was named after Queen Elizabeth and Lady Di-Lilibeth Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

Meghan will be a “secret guest” at the event, which will also be attended by Prince William and Kate Middleton. According to Radar, the ex-actress knows “how hard” it was for her husband “to attend his grandfather’s funeral alone” and does not want the situation to repeat itself. Many relatives received Harry very coldly, and some even refused to talk to him.

“Meghan and Harry know that the focus will be on William, Kate, and their children. The Cambridges call Kensington Palace their home and are working feverishly to make sure everything goes flawlessly. This day will not only be dedicated to honoring Diana on her 60th birthday but will also be an opportunity for Prince William to take responsibility for continuing the mother’s cause, ” the source added.

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6 thoughts on “Meghan Markle is secretly planning a high-profile return to London”

  1. Yes. I think Meghan should be a secret … not seen, not heard, not talked about. Not speculated on. Unlike the birth of her son, then she will not lie about what she is doing.

  2. I think is a shame for so many people to blame one woman for all the Royals trouble. Maybe it karma coming back on the Royals door step

    • I agree! Megan didn’t cause all the problems with the royals. I hope she goes with her husband in July. Harry has every right to be there . Royals need to be big people and except it!

  3. I believe everyone should have a fair life Diana has gone to heaven things need to clear up family’s should forgive each other life is to short Royal or not family is all you have in life and the Queen is getting up in years she should be able to bring her families life people should stop trying to separate then no one is perfect in this world

  4. After the disrespect Meghan has shown the Royal Family, from her refusal to follow Royal protocols, to her treatment of Palace staff, to manipulating Prince Harry away from his family, she has a lot of nerve and gall to think for a second she would be welcome back. And she has no business speaking at or playing any part in Princess Diana’s statue unveiling. For her it is simply another way to elevate her “brand”.


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