Meghan Markle complained about the royal family

The 40-year-old Duchess faced big problems after entering the royal family. Meghan Markle said that no one prepared her for a new role in the ranks of the British monarchy.

There was a significant difference between the wives of Prince William and Prince Harry. Kate Middleton grew up in Britain. She spent 10 years dating the grandson of Elizabeth II, and all this time was preparing for the role of the royal bride. Meghan Markle led a completely different lifestyle.

The chosen one of the youngest son of Princess Diana grew up in Los Angeles. She moved to Canada, having received a role in the drama series “Suits.” Megan once described herself on the lifestyle blog “The Tig.” “I’m a California girl who lives in the belief that most things can be cured by yoga, the beach, or a few avocados,” Markle said. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex had completely different “journeys” in their royal life.

Before the huge changes in her life, Megan had very vague ideas about life in the UK. In an interview with Dave in 2016, even before meeting Harry, she could not answer simple questions about England that she was asked to test her knowledge of the British language and history. The actress admitted that she did not know about what is depicted on the national coat of arms of England. When asked which animal is considered a national treasure of Britain, the future Duchess of Sussex looked ignorant.

“Should I know that? What is it?” she asked. Looking at someone behind the camera, Markle noted: “You don’t know that. She doesn’t know it either.” When she was finally shown the animal, Megan exclaimed with great surprise: “It’s a lion. Oh, quite appropriate!”

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