Meghan Markle and Prince Harry spill out about the future name of the child

Expecting the birth of her second child, Meghan Markle accidentally blabbed about a possible name for her future daughter. Thus, the list of options for the baby has ceased to be a secret for the haters who carefully monitor the life of the spouses.

Earlier, bookmakers rolled out a special list, within the framework of which they offered all curious people to bet on one or another name for the future princess. Other options included Diana or Grace.

However, the other day, earlier interviews with Megan surfaced on the Web: so, back in 2019, Markle and her husband visited the British town of Birkenhead, where they met with a group of schoolchildren. Even then, Markle was expecting her first child. She suggested to all those present to choose a name for the future baby.

“I asked if it was a girl, would she call her Amy, to which Megan replied:” This is a really beautiful name, I like it. We should think about it … “” – recalled a seven-year-old participant of that meeting.

In parallel, I tested the imagination of the other guys and Harry. The schoolchildren named the Duke a dozen options, and he appreciated the name of Lily.

Later, on the next trip, Harry was introduced to a girl named Harriett. This name echoed like a ringing bell in the prince’s heart.

“A lovely name for a girl,” he said at the time.

It is possible that some of these options will be implemented. In the meantime, they joke on social networks on this topic, they say, Harry and Megan could not keep the intrigue.

“They won’t earn money on the child again, what a pity”, “After Archie they won’t be able to surprise with anything”, “Diana will be, don’t go to grandma”, “No one will be able to guess the name”, “Maybe they will call Alice? Diana is too banal, but here by the name of her great-grandmother “,” Spit, they are not interesting to anyone, “- those who are not indifferent speak about the spouses.

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