Meghan Markle accused Kate Middleton and Prince Charles of leaking stories about her life to the media

Relations between the Dukes of Sussex and the royal family continue to escalate rapidly ahead of the release of the couple’s big interview with Oprah Winfrey.

According to a royal source, Meghan Markle, 39, has accused Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla and Prince Charles of leaking information about her to the press while living at the palace. This includes a situation where Meghan allegedly brought Cambridge’s Duchess to tears after trying on bridesmaids dresses before her and Harry’s wedding.

According to the insider, Meghan and Harry believed that aides to the Dukes of Cambridge, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles deliberately leaked negative information about them to the media. One incident that became public knowledge also involved the Duke of Sussex – Harry allegedly yelled at royal costumer Angela Kelly over Meghan’s wedding tiara.

“Meghan and Harry believed that the Cardinals were literally out to destroy them,” a source said.

In the latest teaser of the interview, Meghan Markle stated that Buckingham Palace played a big role in “perpetuating lies” about her and Prince Harry so that they couldn’t keep quiet any longer.

The excitement surrounding the release of the interview has grown tremendously in the last few days. First, Meghan and Harry have been caught in the middle of a scandal over allegations of bullying by former employees, and Buckingham Palace has promised to launch an investigation. Second, they are now under intense public pressure because they are being urged to postpone airing the interview. The reason is the state of health of Prince Philip, who underwent heart surgery yesterday and has been in the hospital for two weeks. Also, Queen Elizabeth II will give a Commonwealth Day speech on March 7.

However, the decision depends on the CBS channel, which seems to have no plans to postpone a show on which it will make millions of dollars.

The reality is that I don’t think this interview is appropriate at all. The less they say, the better, regardless of the Duke of Edinburgh’s health. But releasing a frank interview that will be shown in the UK while he is in hospital (fortunately, he seems to have had successful surgery), they are advised against it, to say the least. None of these royal interviews has ended well. And I don’t think it will in this case, said British politician Bob Blackman.

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