Meghan and Harry will pay off the UK’s debt for 11 years

Meghan Markle and her husband Harry have started a monthly payment of $ 22,000 to keep their mansion in the UK. They will have to make such payments for 11 years, writes The Daily Mail.

We are talking about Frogmore house-an estate that the couple received as a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth II. At that time, the residence consisted of five buildings, which it was decided to combine into one. During the six-month renovation of Frogmore house, electrical wiring, faulty ceiling beams, and floor coverings were replaced, and new heating systems, gas, and plumbing were installed. The total cost was 2.4 million pounds ($2.9 million).

The couple received money for the renovation of their home from the annual allowance of the Royal family, which is paid for from the budget. After Harry and Meghan refused the status of members of the Royal family, negotiations began. As a result, the amount spent on reconstruction was decided to be considered a debt that should be returned within 11 years.
Each month, you need to pay 18 thousand pounds (more than 22 thousand dollars). If the money is not transferred, the residence will be transferred to the state.

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