Megan Markle is suspected of a third pregnancy

Photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were taken by the paparazzi last weekend in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, at the entrance to the building where the medical centre is located.

The temperature in California during the day steadily rises above 20 degrees Celsius. That is why fans of the royal family could not help but pay attention to the Duchess of Sussex’s strange outfit. Despite the rather hot and dry weather, 39-year-old Meghan Markle decided to warm up: she put on a voluminous park with fur trim from J. Crew, an oversized hoodie and high boots to match.

As soon as the pictures flew around all the world publications, fans were worried – does the Duchess really have something to hide under the folds of her clothes? And then they began to congratulate her on her third pregnancy. However, it is too early to draw any conclusions. This summer, Meghan Markle, by her own admission, suffered a miscarriage.

Whether she can be back in a position now is a big question. However, those who closely follow the lives of the royal family members are not surprised at anything. They are confident that anything can be expected from Megan. True, one of the fans suggested that a surrogate mother would carry the second child of the Dukes of Sussex, and Markle would only create the appearance of pregnancy. By the way, similar rumours had already accompanied the Duchess when she was expecting baby Archie’s birth.

Recently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle rarely appear in public, but often record video messages from their new home. Fans of the Dukes are eagerly awaiting their Christmas card, which will surely feature their grown-up son.

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