Megan Fox helps boyfriend Colson Baker to overcome drug addiction

Coulson Baker admitted that thanks to his new lover Megan Fox he was able to give up drugs. The musician known as Machine Gun Kelly told his friend Dave Franco about this in an interview for Interview.

“Now my drug is happiness and dedication to art, not dedication to vice, which I thought helps me create. I am taking steps towards a healthy life. Last Thursday I had my first therapy session. I finally decided to separate these two personalities – Colson Baker and Machine Gun Kelly, ” the musician shared.

He stressed that the process of liberation from addiction has just begun and is not easy for him. “Sometimes I think: why can’t I take and change overnight? How can I meditate for 10 minutes, if I cannot concentrate even for two minutes and not be distracted by anything? It’s tough. But the drive for change is very inspiring, ” Baker said.

Now, according to him, he understands that drugs did not help him to make art, but, on the contrary, limited him: “If the pill worked wonders, then everyone who took it would write songs and release albums.”

Coulson also noted that his beloved Megan Fox helps him get through the difficult period of drug withdrawal: “When you have a partner, like my Megan, it really saves. She sat with me on those dark nights when I lay covered in sweat, fixated on my own thoughts. She pulled me out of this state and helped me put everything in perspective. It really, really helps. “

Coulson’s longtime friend Travis Barker, the drummer for Blink-182, who once struggled with drug addiction, was another mentor in Coulson’s drug addiction fight.

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