Media: Trump’s lawyers appealed to the sun about the disclosure of his taxes

WASHINGTON – Lawyers for US President Donald Trump appealed to the Supreme Court to stop the investigation against the incumbent President, implying the disclosure of his tax returns, the Washington Post reported on Friday.

This is the last instance that will have to decide this case. The day before, Trump lost a second appeal against a lower court decision that ordered the head of state to release his tax returns.

The Supreme Court case is expected to prove high profile and has implications for the theory of the separation of the US legislative and executive branches of government. Trump’s opponents say the President is trying to sabotage the legitimate demands of Congress, which is constitutionally empowered with oversight functions. Trump’s lawyers say the house oversight Committee does not have the right to demand financial data from Trump’s businesses because it is not related to lawmaking.

Several New York officials and Democrats in Congress are seeking through the courts to get Congress to access Trump’s tax returns. In early October, a Federal court in New York allowed prosecutors to request the tax returns of the President and his company for eight years. The implementation of this decision was subsequently suspended by the Washington court of appeals for the duration of the appeal.

Trump’s political opponents and some prosecutors are seeking the release of Trump’s tax returns, hoping to find evidence of a possible violation of the law. Trump refuses to release the returns, saying the IRS is still auditing them. The publication of the documents may shed light on the size of Trump’s fortune, his debt obligations, and transactions during the period when he was a businessman and engaged in real estate.

The US Constitution does not say whether the head of state can be charged with criminal charges. Federal prosecutors are barred from suing a sitting President, but the ban is based not on judicial precedent but justice Department regulations. The current decision of the court may spur a dispute on this topic; the last word will belong to the highest judicial instance-the Supreme Court.

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