Media: Trump’s entourage advised him to prepare for defeat

Donald Trump’s entourage advised him to prepare for the fact that he lost in the presidential election. This was reported by The Washington Post, citing sources.

Over the past two days, the advisers to the incumbent head of state discussed with him the prospect of losing the election and how he should act in the event of such an outcome.

The publication writes that some of Trump’s entourage are in favor of making public statements, pledging to ensure a peaceful transition of power if Biden is declared the winner of the presidential election.

The newspaper noted that Trump, if he loses, will not admit defeat in the traditional format, delivering a “noble and generous speech.” One of the sources of the publication also claims that the preparation of such a speech was not discussed.

“If he loses, they expect Trump to continue to groundlessly claim, as he has been doing for several days, that the election was stolen,” WP writes.

Also, after election day, according to the newspaper, the president admitted that he was facing a tough battle.
The entourage of the incumbent president was divided into two camps. Trump and his family still hope to win and believe Trump must continue to fight. The second group, consisting of his associates and members of the Republican Party, believes that “the presidency almost slipped away.”

However, those who believe that Biden’s victory is a foregone conclusion do not know how to communicate the news to Trump.

One of the newspaper’s sources stressed that Trump spent most of Friday in the Oval Office of the White House, following the news of the election and urging his supporters and advisers to “fight for him.”

The winner has not yet been named – some states are still summing up the voting results (in Nevada, the summing up will last until the 11th). According to the TV channels, Joe Biden is in the lead with 264 electoral votes. He needs six more to win. Current President Donald Trump received 214 votes.

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