Media: the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Anne, was behind the racist attacks against Meghan Markle

39-year-old Meghan Markle’s statement that some of the older members of the royal family were seriously concerned about their skin colour with 36-year-old Prince Harry’s son Archie even before his birth was considered by many to be the most shocking in a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey. Then the spouses refused to give specific names, citing that this information could cause major damage to this person’s reputation.

After the interview, many Internet users wondered who exactly Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had in mind when talking about racist attacks against them. As the main “suspect”, then the name of Kate Middleton was most actively called.

The other day, British socialite, writer and author of eight books about the royal family, Lady Colin Campbell, put forward her version. In a recent podcast, she stated that in her interview, Meghan Markle spoke about Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year-old daughter, Princess Anne. Referring to the words of some insiders, Campbell clarified that Princess Anne was more interested not so much in the skin colour of her son Megan and Harry, but in the fact that his birth, in principle, could have “catastrophic consequences” both for the entire royal family and for the very future heir of the couple.

Harry decided that Anna’s subtle hint of culture, in general, was about skin colour. Princess Anne also had concerns about the catastrophic consequences of someone new in terms of character and inappropriate upbringing entering their family. In her opinion, this could entail problems for the entire royal family and any child born to a couple. Princess Anne was rightly alarmed not at all because of Megan’s skin colour, but because of her unwillingness and inability to respect other people’s traditions and cultural differences, – said Lady Colin Campbell.

The royal biographer also clarified that Princess Anne was one of those relatives who, even before Harry and Megan’s wedding, persuaded her nephew “not to marry this girl.”

Recall that after the interview with Oprah Winfrey, the royal family immediately reacted to Megan’s statement about racist attacks. Then Queen Elizabeth II promised to look into the situation and noted that, despite everything, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would remain “beloved members of the family,” and Prince Harry’s brother William said that they were not at all a racist family.

Author: Sam Smith
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