Media reported a military coup in Sudan

The Sudanese army has announced an important statement, which it will make shortly. Khartoum is reporting a military coup. Current and former high-ranking officials from the entourage of the President Omar al-Bashir have been arrested. It is reported by the TV channel Al-Hadath.

As noted, some time ago a group of officers entered the building of the state broadcasting company in Omdurman, the satellite city Khartoum. Security measures have been significantly strengthened in the area.

According to Al-Hadath, an emergency meeting of the General command of the Sudanese army is taking place in Khartoum without the participation of the President Omar al-Bashir.

It is reported, in particular, about the detention of the head of the presidential guard, as well as former defense Minister Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein.

There is information about a significant strengthening of security measures in the streets of the capital and the deployment of additional army units there. There is a redeployment of armored vehicles to the presidential Palace.

Sudanese radio and television stations have stopped broadcasting and are broadcasting military marches.

According to the news portal Baj News, the Sudanese Military Council is preparing to take power in the country for a year.
In the near future, the official statement of the army of the country on state television and radio is expected. The police disappeared from the streets. Khartoum international airport is closed.

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