Media: police used tear gas against “yellow vests” in Nantes and Paris

Columns of demonstrators in the French capital move in a tight cordon of guards.

PARIS -The situation in some French cities, where demonstrations of the 56th day of “yellow vests” protests are taking place on Saturday, is becoming increasingly tense. According to CNews reports from Paris and Nantes, the police began to use tear gas against demonstrators.

In Nantes, this was because, as in previous demonstrations, the most radical groups of “yellow vests” tried to deviate from the route approved by the authorities of the column and make their way to the city center, primarily to the local mayor’s office. Stones and bottles flew at the policemen and gendarmes who blocked their way. Those used tear gas in response and carried out several detentions of hooligans. Part of the radicals from the “Black bloc,” however, managed to make their way to the building of the Prefecture, from which they are trying to push the police.

In Paris, the “yellow vests,” gathered at the building of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, located on the banks of the Seine, move many kilometers to the Versailles gate, located in the South of the city. Not far from them, a column of activists of the trade Union “General Confederation of labor” (CGT), which is holding a protest against the reform of the pension system, moves through Paris from Montparnasse square. Some of the radical participants of the procession of “yellow vests” tried to cross to the neighboring streets and connect with the column of the CGT. The police prevented this by using tear gas.

Currently, both columns in Paris are moving in a tight cordon of guards.

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