Media: Lana Del Rey and her boyfriend are engaged

35-year-old Lana Del Rey is engaged to her lover, 31-year-old singer Clayton Johnson. The performer did not openly say that she received a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, but she showed a ring on her ring finger on the air.

On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Lana sang the song Love You Like a Woman. And during her performance, the fans saw that very cherished jewellery. Later, the news of the engagement was confirmed by an insider. The source of the People portal claims that this happened very recently. The star herself has not yet commented on the news and is unlikely to do so soon – the singer does not like to talk about personal things.

Recall that Lana and Clayton met in August on a dating site. In the same month, they subscribed to each other on Instagram and began to communicate actively. If the rumours about the engagement are confirmed, then this wedding will be the first for the performer. However, she was already in the status of a bride when her ex-boyfriend Barry James O’Neill invited her to get engaged in 2014.

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