Media: Kim Jong-Un scheduled a meeting with Trump before the end of the year

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is set to meet with US President Donald Trump in December 2019. For this reason, in November, the parties will resume working talks, said the head of the National intelligence service of the Republic of Korea So Hong.

“According to the Service, Kim Jong-Un has set a goal to hold another summit with Trump in December. In this regard, it is expected that in mid-November or at the latest in early December, the DPRK and the United States will hold talks at the working level, where they will agree on the main themes and agenda of the summit, ” the Director of the Service said.

So far, Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump have met only twice. The two leaders met in June 2018 and February 2019.
Later, the US and North Korea held working-level talks in Stockholm. They ended in vain.

So Hong said that before meeting with Trump, Kim Jong-Un may visit China. The probability of such a “hook” scout estimated as high.

“There is a high probability that on the eve of the meeting with Trump, Kim Jong-Un will visit China again, as it was on the eve of the US-North Korean summits in Hanoi and Singapore,” the Director confirmed.

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