McDonald’s opens the first fully-powered, self-contained solar-powered facility

In Florida (USA), a unique McDonald’s fast food restaurant has appeared, which receives all its energy from renewable sources.

The total area of ​​the establishment is 745 square meters, there is a kitchen, a car cafe, a dining area, an order pick-up area, a covered terrace, etc. A large number of solar panels are installed on the roof, which are capable of producing 704.7 thousand kWh per year. This is completely enough for all the needs of the restaurant, so it works autonomously.

In addition, special jalousie windows open and close automatically, ensuring the flow of cool air and the outflow of warm air. As a result, most of the time the premises are operated by natural ventilation instead of air conditioning.

Outside, the walls are covered with living plants that purify the air and retain water. The parking lights are also solar powered. There are even stationary bicycles here that customers can use to power the lighting of the signature golden arch.

This restaurant will serve as a training center to help the company test new solutions in the future to reduce water and energy costs.

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